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Improvement in Advertising Efficiency
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advertising figures from Ann9.
Data-Driven Intelligent Advertising Platform
Integrating 10+ years’ advertising experience and mobile apps data insights, we
offer diverse advertising data across different storefronts to promote the
competitive advantage of advertisers and scale their growth.
Bulk and Automated Campaign Management
Promote the advertising efficiency by leveraging advanced and
automated functions such as bulk edit, keywords mining,
intelligent biding and alert monitoring.
Market Insights Based On Massive Data
Stay informed of the latest market trends to discover new directions
for optimization by leveraging Apple Search Ads rules, advertising
data from automated platform and the third-party.
Dedicated One-to-One Support from Professional Experts
Our senior Apple Search Ads Experts will offer a tailored advertising strategy
and make constant optimizations to ensure advertising effectiveness that meet
customer’s expectations.
Case Studies
Players win together.
Knives Out has seen a rapid increase in the number of downloads overseas.
Knives Out is a battle royale game with social features that allow players to collaborate in real time. Chinese game developer NetEase uses Apple Search Ads to drive new player acquisition in Japan and improve return on ad spend and retention rates.
Data Source: All data contained in this article has been provided by the customer.
Heroes Wage Battles.
Idle Heroes boosts fanbase.
To drive efficiency, the teams at Idle Heroes and their exclusive agency iADBrain set up separate Apple Search Ads campaigns for each of their keyword strategies.
One campaign included brand terms, while competitive and category campaigns captured interest from searches for similar apps. To optimize for conversions and maximize impressions, the team actively monitored performance, increasing investment in top-performing keywords and raising bids for relevant keywords.
Data Source: All data contained in this article has been provided by the customer.
Success Cases
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